In 1990 I set out to provide the best possible environment for children to explore the world of horses. I wanted to create a place that would mean as much to them as the barns that I grew up in did to me. Over the last thirty-one years, I feel that I have accomplished that through: Extensive education and experience, facilities, and programs that cater to the non-horse-owning child. Thunderbay does not board horses nor host public shows. Our attention is focused on the programs for your child. Anyone can have a riding academy, but not everyone is qualified to teach your child.


• Meredith Manor International Centre
• NC State University
• Yorkshire Riding Centre, UK
• Hannoveraner Riding School, Verden Germany

• MM Riding Master Vl (Highest Obtainable Level)
• Certified Advance Instructor in Dressage/Combined Training
• Certified Level Vl Trainer
• Equine Nutrition Certification
• Equine Forage Management Certification
• Equine Facility Design Certification
• English as a Second Language Certification
• Red Cross First aid and CPR
• Wilderness First Responder Certification


  • 1990-1995 Charlotte D.C.T.A.
  •  1990-1996 Regional Dressage Judge
  •  1991-2000 N.C.D.C.T.A. and S.C.D.C.T.A.
  •  1993-2000 U.S.D.F. Dressage A show Circuit
  • 1996-2000 A.B.IG. Regional Finals


1999, 2000, 2001 NC State Games Track
2000 Team N Training Leukemia Ride Laramie Wyoming
2001 European Aids Ride, Holland, Belgium, France (575 miles)
2001, 2003, 2005 MS Breakaway to the Beach Ride (150 miles)
2003 Charlotte Mountain Bike Racing Series
2003, 2006 NC Triathlon Sprint Competitions
2003, 2004 Lowe's Motor Speedway Time Trial Series
2004 Bridge to Bridge Ride(Grandfathers Mountain)
2005 Vietnam Ride for Care International (375 miles)
2006 Assault on Mt. Mitchell
2007, 2008, 2009, Sonora Desert Search and Rescue
2010-2015 Carolina Orienteering Klub
2015-Great Wall of China Marathon

2016-5K  National Qualifiers

2017-Track State Qualifier

Deb Stuart