Farm Stewardship Clinicsmore than riding lessons

Clinics are offered to all students and are included at no additional cost. The clinics are held one Saturday afternoon per month. This is a time for hands-on projects on farm, animal, environmental or horse care.

Examples of our activities are: Improving animal habitats, making riding trails, or raising baby animals for our petting zoo.

Horsemastership Clinics027

We alternate these clinics with the Farm clinics. This is a time that students can practice their unmounted horse skills. Some skills require repetition to become mastered and this gives us a time to do that outside of our lesson time.

Examples of these skills are: proficiency in tacking up, arena figures, course walks or course design.

Trail Blazers Club

Riders will enjoy combining the beauty of nature with horseback riding. Beginner students start to acquire skill on the trail by riding in our Forest Arena, where they learn  simple navigation, have scavenger hunts and go on knowledge egg hunts.When the  student progresses they can go and explore trails at local parks.What a great way to connect with nature and spend time in beautiful surroundings.

Adventure Horse Racemore than horse lessons

An exciting way to combine sports and skills. Adventure horse race is a 3 phase sport of Orienteering, Running, and Horseback Riding. A great way to encourage exercise in riders and to gain life skills of: map reading, map orientation, direction and navigation.

Green Daysmore than horse lessons

An opportunity to learn the life skill of growing organic food and connecting with the natural world. Green Days teach students how to grow food for people and for animals. Some of the topics covered are: composting, bio-intensive practices, greywater irrigation, greenhouse principles and design, planting by the phases of the moon, and seed saving. This program is taught with a learn by doing approach as well as demonstrative lecture. Included in tuition.

Horse Rescue Team

Can you imagine saving a horse from slaughter and being on the rehabilitation team? Our students have the opportunity to have this extraordinary experience. They learn about why horses go to slaughter and the training and rehabilitation skills and knowledge that are required to give the horse a new life.


Academy Shows

We have shows and performances at our academy as well as a Show Team for away shows. Our Academy shows reinforce the equitation taught in our lesson program while giving the student the experience of a variety of show types and performances. (shows are not a requirement of our program)

Each year our show schedule features: Musical Performance, Equitation and Jumping Show and a year-end promotional Show.


We offer classes for additional experience and education. All classes are included in our tuition at no additional cost. We offer the following classes in a learn by doing format:

  • Horse Grooming947364_10154016813279592_7610596367414937122_n
  • Show Grooming
  • Horse Health
  • Zookeeper
  • Barn Work Ethics