Lesson Horses

The best teacher is the School Master.

Our School Horses are experienced in teaching children.

School Horse- Madison


Madison is a 15.1 hand high, flea bitten grey Danish Warmblood. She is a good jumper and has a smooth canter. She is a champ at the challenge obstacle course and is very obedient.



School Horse- Connect the DotsConnect the Dots

Dots is a 14.2 hand high, Leopard Appaloosa mare. She has lots of dots! At camp sometimes we use finger paint to connect them or we try to guess how many she has. She has the distinction of having two different colors of spots. The ones on her legs are black while the spots on the rest of her body are brown.


School Horse-Simon SaysSimon Says

Simon is a 15 hand high, Palomino Appaloosa gelding. He has slow, smooth gates that make him a comfortable ride.

He is a willing mount for trail riding, jumping, challenge courses or just a bareback ride around the arena.



School Horse-Patty CakesPatty Cakes

Patty is a 15.2 hand high, Paint mare but is solid black in color.

As a former trail horse she has traveled from the mountains to the beach. She has had training as on extreme Cowboy Courses and is hand around a course of fences as well.



School Horse-Saint PeteySaint Petey

Saint Petey is a 14.3 hand high, brown and white Paint gelding. We added the 'Saint' onto his name because its the best word to describe him.

His previous career was on the race track. His job was to pony the young Thoroughbreds to the gate. He was chosen for both of his careers because of his solid disposition.




School Horse-TomahawkTomahawk

Tommy is a 14.2, Leopard Appaloosa with only a few spots and in the summer his black spots look as if they have been shaved.

What is most notable about Tommy is he loves people. He is always looking for his next best friend. He is always up for jumping a course of fences, going on a trail ride or getting a good grooming.




Ricochet showing in a Hunter Class.

Ricochet showing in a Hunter Class.

Ricky is a 15.2 hand high chestnut Appendix Quarter Horse. As a former Hunter Jumper champion he has a lot he can teach a rider. He has smooth gates and never refuses a jump. He enjoys his lessons and is a favorite in the barn.






School Horse-Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a 15.2 hand high Overo Paint geld. He has one brown eye and one blue eye.

He is a favorite in the barn because of his regal looks and his sweet personality.He is trained in Dressage and Jumping. He is responsive and just a fun ride.




School Horse Cruz AzulCruz Azul

Cruz is a 15.2 hand high, liver chestnut, Morgan gelding. While not an official school horse he is still very much a part of our barn.

He has extensive ground training, knows many voice commands and a few tricks too. He has learned all of his lateral movements in Dressage.

He is an intelligent horse that is always eager to learn the next skill especially if it will earn him a carrot.

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