Party Walkthrough

The party begins with your hostess greeting you and your guests. You will have a few minutes before the party to bring in your cake and/or beverages.

When your guests have arrived, your hostess will take the party down to the barn to introduce the horses and let everyone feed them treats.

If you have added the zoo, she will divide the party into 3 groups. Each group will visit a zoo animal station: the small animals, the larger animals and a horse brushing station. Each group will rotate through the stations so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the animals.

Next, we will bring out 3 decorated horses and begin the fun with games on horseback. We start with three riders and three runners. For example, the carrot race begins with the runners running down the arena to put a carrot on a bucket. When the runner gets back, the horse goes down to the bucket and eats the carrot! The first horse back wins. Well, all of the horses think they win with this game!

The children will rotate through the games having an opportunity to be both a rider and a runner until everyone has gone. The birthday child then mounts up for a final ride to the party room.

The last 30 minutes of the party is in the party room where you can have pizza, cake and open presents.

After the party is over you can settle up with the hostess. If you feel so inclined, feel free to tip. Then, the best part of the clean up!! 😀

And just like that, another birthday has become a treasured childhood memory.

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