Pony Party

Due to the pandemic, all parties have been suspended for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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pony party
pony party

 Choose your Pony Party Theme

 My Little Pony

my little pony party

Includes Rainbow Dash, FlutterShy, and Twilight. My little pony themed table setting and cutie mark finger painting on horse.

 The Winner's Circle

pony party

The Winner's Circle Theme comes with 3 decorated horses, horse themed table setting, rider costumes, and each rider gets a blue ribbon.

 The Rodeo Pony Party


The Cowboy Pony Party comes with Cowboy themed table setting, roping, and horseshoe toss games that will be a sure-fire hit for your little buck a roo.

And you can add the petting zoo!

pony party

Pony Party Package Includes:

·         Indoor Arena and Stables
·         Decorated Party Room
·         Three Decorated Party Horses
·         Rider Costumes
·         Horseback riding for each child
·         All dinnerware provided
·         Horse Treats for feeding
·         Blue ribbon for each child
·         A.S.T.M. approved helmets
2 hours for up to 10 children for $200
pony party

 More Information

This pony party is appropriate for ages 4 to 12 yrs.

You can check dates, book and pay online.

You are welcome to bring food, drinks, prizes, or extra decorations.


We can accommodate up to 15 children.


Options you can add:

Petting Zoo- $50


Extra guest- $10 per child